Vamos Argentina!

A Kiwieye view of Argentinas 2002 World Cup Campaign.




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Argentina has been in the news for all the wrong reasons with its well-documented social, economic and political problems. Argentines are being battered by currency devaluation, rising inflation, high unemployment, social unrest, and political chaos, but now they have a chance to take a rest from all that as their team prepares to take on the world in the World Cup Soccer finals in Japan and Korea.

World champions in 1978 and 1986 “Fútbol” is the Argentine national pastime and a source of immense pride. Argentines want something to take their minds off the current problems and following their team’s fortunes in the finals provides a welcome relief from long queues at banks and rising prices at supermarkets.

This series of articles will look at each of Argentina’s games from a different venue and viewpoint, as one of the World Cups favourites attempts to win its 3rd crown.




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