" will never see the end of the road while you're travelling with me......."
(Crowded House - Don't dream it's over)


Kiwis Rob Mumford and Aaron Key drive a 70's muscle car through Patagonia on a physical and spiritual journey to the end of the World.

Argentina is a massive country, the eighth largest in the world, ten times the size of New Zealand and over 4,500 km from North to South. Ushuaia near the 55th parallel is the world's southernmost city and some 1,500 km south of Invercargill! Its here that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet in the fearful waters off Cape Horn.

A physical and spiritual journey to the end of the world through the history and geography of Southern Argentina. Petrified forests, unique wildlife, dinosaur remains, wind swept coasts, mountains, lakes, and forests combine with the towns, cities, and people of Patagonia to make a unique and challenging travel experience.

Driving national highway 3 from start to finish we aim to capture in words and images the soul and spirit of Patagonia.


Brought to Argentina straight off the production line by then US ambassador Alvin Scmucker this 5 litre V8 is a survivor from the glory days of the US motor industry. Inspired by Kowalski's Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point but hoping for a better ending this Torino is the perfect car for Patagonia's long straight highways.

Torino Photo Gallery

1971 Ford Torino 500 Hardtop
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number = F 1A30F283595 F

VIN Codes
1 = Last Digit of Model Year = 1971
A = Assembly Plant = Atlanta (Operated 1947 to 2006)
30 = IBM Body Code = Torino 500 Formal Hardtop
F = Engine Type = 302ci V8 - 2v
283595 = Serial Number

Where it all began....


The San Julian coast is rugged and spectacular, we drive the coastal road, explore deserted beaches, and take in stunning views. We come to a lighthouse staring out at the endless sea and sky, the horizon separates the sky from the dark mysterious ocean. It's windy, wild and breathtakingly beautiful. On this lonely light someone has spray-painted "If you love someone set them free, if they come back they are yours, if not, tough luck!" Seems a pretty appropriate reflection from this mesmerising spot.


Nothing to hear but the rushing wind.

Nothing to see but the road reaching out to the distant horizon.

Its out here that one catches a glimpse of the essence of life, an existence so simple that senses are switched off as the moment is experienced in its fullness and beauty. One feels both completely humbled and utterly immortal as thoughts of the outside world vanish and are replaced by a deep all encompassing calm.

Time seems to stand still as the tarmac disappears below the car but the horizon remains fixed in the distance. A strange combination of speed and motionlessness.

The white center line our spiritual guide on these eternal Patagonian highways.


Killers, Massive Attack, Leftfield, Stellar, Killing Heidi, Icehouse, Portishead.


The inside story of the road to the end of the World


One - Buenos Aires to Bahia Bustamante
Two - Bustamante to Isla Pavon
Three - Rio Gallegos to World's End
Four - Ushuaia and heading North


8,161 Kilometres travelled
280 Kilometres on the back of tow trucks
26 Days on the Road
1,223 Litres of petrol
6.5 kilometres per litre
24 Litres of Oil
4 Visits to mechanics
16 Hotels stayed in
251 Postcards distributed
4563 Penguins sighted
438 Sea Lions sighted
1 Sea Lion attack
0 Killer Whales sighted
12 Times US tourist used the word "cute" to describe penguins in 1 hour
3 Days we laughed after seeing beached "whale"
55 Latitude South of Ushuaia