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In the words of Ben Okri "Sometimes we need to look at the world with different eyes", my writing is just a simple attempt to do that; to share other lives and experiences, get a better perspective, have fun, and learn.

I believe that the best way to learn is by experience and I hope that my words will be enjoyed and maybe provoke new thoughts and ideas.

All Whites 1 Slovakia 1 - World Cup 2010

All Whites 1 World Champions 1 - World Cup 2010


Intro. 1971 Ford Torino. Photos. Numbers.
Worlds End - From Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego


All Blacks Balance World Cup Ledger
After 24 years the All Blacks have balanced their World Cup ledger. This is what it felt like as a Kiwi in Buenos Aires.

Is anybody Hungry?
All Blacks lose 2011 Tri Nations finale and some scribes worry about our World Cup prospects. Rob Mumford is not worried and while feeling the loss is a good thing he also reflects on the All Blacks' incredible record in 16 years of Tri Nations.

Pumas Tango into Tri-Nations
In November 1985 I woke early on a Sunday morning and turned on the TV for the All Blacks match against Argentina in Buenos Aires. It was the 2nd of two tests and after a convincing 33-20 win in the first
test more of the same was expected. Indeed it was no surprise when John Kirwin proved unstoppable and 4 tries were scored in the first half while establishing an 18-9 lead. (Article published in NZ Rugby World magazine Nov 2009)

Pumas Scratched again? Southern 4 Nations is anitdote to tired Tri Nations
When the Pumas beat France for the second time in six weeks to claim third place in the 2007 Rugby World Cup there were tears in the players eyes as they proudly received their medals. They knew that they had put Argentina well and truly on the rugby map and they hoped that the deserved reward would be a place in an annual tournament, after all what forward thinking rugby tournament wouldn’t want this outstanding team in its ranks? Think again!

RWC 2011 Match Schedule - Little rest for Developing Nations, Again!
The IRB clearly states that one of its strategic goals is to achieve a highly competitive and sporting Rugby World Cup. How can it be then that in 2011, as in 2007, developing nations made up of mostly amateur players are asked to play games after only 3 rest days against teams of professionals who have had all the rest they need?

Silver Fern going grey?- All Blacks 18 France 20. RWC 2007

I have never owned an All Black jersey, I always felt that you had to earn it, but this week some 25 years after I left school I am about to buy one for the first time. I won’t be pulling it on over my head though.

RWC Review 2007 - Lack of competitive rugby leaves fans hungry
Shouldn’t the World Cup provide a banquet of matches between the top sides? Instead after a mostly uninteresting appetizer this World Cup went straight to its dessert. Where was the main course? I feel like a disappointed diner who is still hungry after an overpriced meal.

Worldcup not nearly as great as it could be - Super Pools the way forward
While excited about the soon to start RWC 2007 I wonder, is this the World Cup that rugby players and supporters deserve? Is this the best way to showcase the game on the world stage? Is this world cup going to provide a feast of high quality competitive rugby? Unfortunately I believe the answer is no and Im convinced that rugby could and should do much better with its world cup.

20 Years Boys! - All Blacks 10 Australia 22. RWC 2003

Modern rugby times provide important challenges to the culture and tradition of the black jersey. The way we face these challenges will determine whether this wonderful culture will live or die.

Heartbreak Hotel - All Blacks 14 Australia 16. Bledisloe Cup 2002

After another night at Heartbreak Hotel the All Black’s must be wondering if they will ever win back the Bledisloe Cup. Just as in 2000 and 2001 they competed all the way, gave everything, and defended grimly but were ultimately defeated by the Wallabies’ supreme belief that they would win the game.


Storm and Heat - Argentinas 2001 Political Crisis

It's like an eerie rain that descends from the top of the apartment blocks to the ground, accompanied by shouts, whistles, and car horns. It's both hauntingly beautiful and tragic, a cry for help that only fellow sufferers can hear.

Fragments of Freedom - Freedom and Security in Argentina
From the half open window I feel the cold wind of poverty blow over me and I see more images of desolation and desperation. An old man on crutches picks his way through rubbish at the side of a road hoping to strike "gold", a family sits by a polluted pond, homes made from containers, and children playing in the dust.

Complying with her Mothers wish Maria puts the gun in her belt bag and sets off on her bike for Pablo's house. With Pablo she works all day on the homework assignment and in the early evening as the sun is beginning to go down she starts out for home.


A Kiwieye view of the Argentine soccer team's attempt to win their third World Cup. This series of articles was published online by Television New Zealand (TVNZ) as part of their coverage of the FIFA 2002 World Cup. View TVNZ pages


Game 1 Vs Nigeria
The bar erupts in celebration, papers are thrown, neighbours hugged, and drinks downed. It's the crowning moment of Argentina's perfect pressure, you could feel the goal coming, it was just a question of who and when.

Game 2 Vs England

A deafening silence fills the air, faces are turned towards the ground, shoulders are sloped, even the traffic moves slowly and silently. How can this be? Its 10.30am on Friday morning in one of Latin Americas biggest and noisiest cities!

Game 3 Vs Sweden

These last 2 days have been the coldest of the year in Buenos Aires, and it hasn't been just the cold that has had people shivering. Since last weeks loss to England Argentines have been nervous about the final pool game against Sweden and the cold weather seems to reflect the shakiness many people are feeling about the game.

Sadness and Pride - Reaction to Argentina's Elimination

Behind the tinted glass at Buenos Aires' Ministro Pistarini airport sits Marcelo Bielsa, the Argentine soccer team's coach. Someone hands him an envelope, he opens it slowly and deliberately, starts to read and moments later he is crying.

Beautiful City, Beautiful People, Beautiful Game. - The Final: Brazil Vs Germany

Brazilian flags and banners of all shapes and sizes are hanging from buildings and green and yellow ribbons have been strung across many streets, it seems like every second person is wearing a Brazil soccer shirt. The "Cariocas" as Rio residents are known, are happy, smiling with anticipation, and confidently looking forward to tomorrow's final.


30 years ago the Andes Mountains were the scene of one of the greatest ever survival stories when the Old Christians Rugby Club from Montevideo, Uruguay hired an Air force plane and headed to Chile for a team trip. Tragically they never made it as the plane crashed into the mountains in bad weather and they had to survive as best they could in the freezing conditions for 70 days.

Part I - Visit to the crash site
From my base in Buenos Aires I travel to the Andes Mountains and to the crash site. I want to experience the force and beauty of the Andes and reflect on the wonderful human strength and spirit that saw 16 young men triumph in the most hostile of conditions.

Part II - Interview with Fernando Parrado
I cross the River Plate to Montevideo to interview survivor Fernando Parrado. Parrado was knocked unconscious in the crash and woke up 3 days later to find his mother dead and his sister critically injured. (The team had sold excess seats on the plane to friends and family to help subsidise the cost) After his sister died in his arms he was determined to get out and with Roberto Canessa crossed the Andes on foot, walking for 10 days to get help. Parrado shares openly and with great wisdom his moving experiences on the mountain, as well as what he learned, and his love of rugby.

Part III - Old Christians Club
Near the Montevideo international airport is the Old Christians Club. I travel out and soak up the atmosphere at the clubrooms and also see low flying planes on their way to the airport. The planes seem to somehow reinforce the link between the club and its dramatic history.


Not seeing is Believing
A Brazilian forward glides the ball past the last defender, runs around him and traps the ball centimeters before it goes dead. An Argentine makes a dazzling run through the opposition and fires a thunderous shot that goes just wide. This is the typical skill that we expect from two of the World's great soccer nations; the only difference is that these players are blind!


Uneven Fields of Dreams
In Argentina “Futbol” is adored, watched and followed by millions. It could provide a great stage on which to promote sports greatest values and see these reflected back by society. Instead its lack of transparency, democracy, and accountability are there for all to see (If you can be bothered to look deep enough!) These uneven playing fields lead directly to on and off field violence, fan and player frustration, and are certainly no role model for this developing society. In this analysis I look at the first division tournament structure and its confusing and corrupt format.

Estudiantes take 50th Libertadores Cup
Its a freezing winter's night as my friend Angel and I are stuck in traffic on our way out of town. We are surrounded by huge trucks and long distance buses near Buenos Aires' port and start to wonder if we will make it to La Plata before kickoff.
Kickoff tonight at at 10.00 and the game is the first leg of the South American Libertadores Cup final with Argentina's Estudiantes de La Plata up against Brazil's Cruzeiro. We think about turning back and watching the game in the comfort of a bar but a scent for history keeps our faith as we inch closer to the motorway onramp.



These words aren't mine but they are words that have influenced and inspired me. Words I loved and related to strongly when I first read them and that have continued to provide meaning, enjoyment and wisdom in many subsequent readings.

These first three pieces come from Details magazine, a once great mens magazine full of mental, physical, and spiritual strength. I started reading Details in January 1993 and was immeadiatly hooked by its challenge everything mentality. This Details lasted until mid '97 when it turned into a soulless consumer culture boys mag. Try and get hold of a copy from this great era, for now enjoy these 3 great pieces.

I do not have copyright to publish these, I just want more people to read and be inspired by them. Thanks to Henry Rollins, Duncan Bock, and Jim Shelley for the inspiration, and for letting me publish your work here. If thats not cool drop me a line and I will remove them.

IRONMIND Henry Rollins on the soul of Weight Training - Details magazine. Jan 1993

DEPTH CHARGE Duncan Bock goes below with one breath - Details magazine. Sep 1994

THE STORY OF S (what makes someone sexy?), Jim Shelley - Details magazine. May 1996