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Rob Mumford

Father, Lover, Traveler, Dreamer, Writer, Freediver

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Kia Kaha means "Be strong" in Maori. Not just physical strength but also mental and spiritual. I believe it is vital to have goals and challenges in each of these areas if we are to achieve our full potential and our greatest happiness.

Fear.There is nothing in life to be feared, it is only to be understood - Marie Curie.

Challenge everything. In this material and consumer driven world someone is always trying to sell us something, a cure, the truth, endless youth, immortality. We must challenge all that we are told and find our own personal truth and way ahead.

Life is a journey and not a destination. There is no greater pleasure than being on the road, drinking in new sights and experiences, as well as chance encounters with strangers and friends we haven't yet met. Remember that journeys exist in mental, physical, and spiritual planes.

The road. One of the greatest inventions is the car, the exhilarating pleasure of just being on the road, wind blowing, landscapes floating by, and music in the air.

In order to value something you have to do without it for a while, work, family, health, money, freedom, nature, love, food. Only when you have drunk from the well of hardship and longing can you truly value what you have. The pleasure of returning home is far greater when you have been away a long time.

Everyday is special. Look for something to celebrate, and something to laugh about everyday.

Shackleton. Read about Shackleton's odyssey and one of the greatest survival stories ever on the Endurance expedition. Few of us will ever experience such hardships and extreme challenges in our lives. Shackleton shows the importance of a positive attitude in everything we do. Never give up as there is always another possibility and be prepared to take the biggest risk.

Enjoy nature. Nature is the most amazing and surprising force that exists. Take time to share this special energy in all seasons. Rain, sunshine, wind, sea, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, animals, plants, birds, fish - Enjoy them all but don't damage them.

Cry and be happy. Cry whenever you feel the need, the joy of expressing your sadness is a pleasure the society tries to deny us, especially men. After this honest expression comes a certain enlightenment, peace, and even happiness.

Love. Love is the source of our most beautiful dreams and most divine moments. Drink richly from this enchanted source whenever you can. It's a mystery where it comes from and how long it lasts but it is our highest state and obliterates our worst fears.
Fear can stop you loving - love can stop your fear.

Share all this with your children, family, friends, and loved ones.

Our future is greater than our past - Ben Okri