1999 was our first trip together, we had left in mid 1997 and after a while back in BA I spent most of the next 18 months working in London. It was hard to be away from Nat but we tried to make the most of each day, I was sad to be far away, it hurt so much when she told me on the phone "I dont want you there, I want you here with me" and when I had to go back again "You wont go far away? you wont be a long time Daddy?"

Time went past fast and then we were back together. Our NZ trip in Jan was the best time I had ever had in New Zealand, perfect weather, a brillaint trip to the Nelson area and then down to Kaikoura. Nat felt so much the freedom as she played on the beaches and in the bush. She talked to herself, sung, and made up games as the space and freedom were absorbed and became part of her.

It was Kate and Hamish's wedding too, and Nat was a flower girl. I was so proud of her as she walked slowly down the aisle concentrating while everyone looked at her. Kate looked beautiful and happy and I felt great be there for them on this special day. So good for Nat to meet Granny Dee, Granny is so special for me, a wonderful positive woman so full of life and its experiences. We soaked up as much as we could of the sights, sounds, and soul of New Zealand. It was hard to leave but I was ready for the challenge of living and working in Buenos Aires.