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in New Zealand and Argentina



Argie Bargy = Anyone’s Business


Seeking opportunities and joining markets and companies in New Zealand and Argentina. Filling the gaps, adding value, having fun and providing awesome service. Making Argie bargy stand for anyone’s business.


Awesome service, fun, professionalism, dedication, commitment, service, sustained initiative, risk taking. Looking at the world with different eyes.



Chia is an ancient Aztec crop that is high in nutritional value and easy to include in ones daily diet. Bread and cereal makers are starting to use Chia in nutritionally enhanced products and the reception in the market has been very positive.

Chia is now available for the New Zealand market through Rob Mumford who together with Kiwi/Argentine lawyer Gustavo Richardson has an established relationship with a leading South American producer. First shipment arrived in New Zealand in early 2010.

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Sound like a lot of Argie Bargy? Doing business with Argentina may seem like more trouble than it’s worth especially when you don’t speak the language. The reality however is very different and right now there are some excellent opportunities to be had by doing business with Argentina.

The dramatic devaluation of the Argentine peso and the rising Kiwi dollar mean that buying from Argentina is now fantastic value. The NZ dollar has appreciated against the Argentine Peso by over 400% since December 2001! (Dec 2001: NZ$1 = ARP$0.40, Feb 2009: NZ$1 = ARP$1.85!) Opportunities exist to purchase quality goods and services from a wide range of sectors or to make low cost investments and create strategic alliances.  

TangoKiwi is a business consultancy that works with your company to identify opportunities and markets in Argentina and then supports decisions made with a full range of services from presentations and negotiation to business management and control. TangoKiwi will show New Zealand companies what Argentina can do for them.
The constant quest for a competitive advantage or the next new thing means that opportunities are sought out all over the globe. The time is right to look now at Argentina where despite the difficult economic climate there are plenty of solid companies producing quality products. These companies are looking for partners, markets, alliances, growth and development. Argentina has a well educated workforce, efficient business culture, is rich in natural resources, and has a very low cost base, all this makes doing business here make pretty good sense. Sectors that look the most interesting right now include textiles, wine, agriculture, speciality foodstuffs, wood products, manufacturing, and tourism.


TangoKiwi is owned and run by Kiwi Rob Mumford. Rob has been living in Buenos Aires for nearly 10 years after first visiting as a backpacker and falling in love with Argentina’s passionate people and stunning landscapes.

A Business Administration graduate and Chartered Accountant from Wellington Rob has worked in the UK, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay and has extensive experience in business development, change management, and all aspects of finance and administration. Rob has worked in a wide range of companies and sectors including: Transend, Lexis Nexis International, BBC, BP, BHS Retail, Datamonitor, Work and Income NZ, Initial UK, Erdman Lewis, and Public Trust. In 2003 Rob set up a service centre in Buenos Aires to provide finance and accounting services to offshore tax planner and fund manager Centurion Group.

Rob speaks fluent Spanish and more importantly understands the pleasures and frustrations of doing business in Argentina.

TangoKiwi is a one-stop shop for New Zealand companies looking to see what Argentina can do for them.


Opportunity Identification

This service aims to add value to your business by actively seeking new products or alliances in Argentina. After understanding your vision, goals, and products TangoKiwi will identify Argentine companies that can expand your horizons and add value for stakeholders. Opportunities may be via commercial alliances, purchase of goods and services, shared production, or specialist knowledge. You will receive a report detailing the best opportunities for your company.


TangoKiwi fachsheets provide a quick look at a product, company or market. The idea is to get a flavour and feel for the product and decide whether its worth a closer look. See example. 

Market Analysis

Want to know who the market leaders are and what their products are? TangoKiwi can provide a detailed analysis of companies, markets, or products. This service tells you what you need to know before you make the leap.

Doing Business

After the opportunity has been identified and you decide to move ahead the next steps involve doing business Argentine style. This is where TangoKiwi’s experience really counts as you don’t need to worry about meetings and presentations. It’s not just a different language here but a totally different culture. Lateness, shouting, and disorganization and commonplace at business meetings in Argentina and are generally nothing to worry about. Presentations do not just need to be translated but also adapted for the culture. Lunches can be very long affairs where Argentines will want to know what you think of their country and especially its beautiful women, melt in the mouth beef, and its world beating Futbol team.

TangoKiwi will ensure that meetings and presentations go well and that language and cultural differences are no barriers to successful business relationships.

TangoKiwi can also provide business planning, due diligence, commercial, financial, and tax advice and information.

Commercial Agreement

Understanding the legal rights and obligations is one thing and enforcement is completely another. TangoKiwi will help you to understand what you are getting into and what happens if things don’t go exactly to plan.

Export Service

TangoKiwi will ensure that your products arrive safe and sound, from negotiating customs to logistics and finance we will ensure the most efficient route from A to B and make sure you know where its at all the time.

How much?

TangoKiwi services are priced to encourage you to test the water. market analysis and opportunity identification reports are around NZ$1500 each and factsheets NZ$500. Prices for work related to doing business will be determined once the scope has been agreed. 

Detailed quotes will be provided in response to any request for service or information.
Payment by direct credit to NZ bank account is due 30 days after final report received.


10 times the size of New Zealand and over 4500km from North to South, Argentina is a country of incredible geographic diversity and stunning beauty. From the majestic Iguazu falls on the border with Brazil to the glaciers, mountains, and lakes of the South, and from the amazing Andes Mountains in the West to the rugged Patagonian coastline in the East Argentina has an infinite number of adventures and experiences waiting for those willing to explore.

With its friendly and passionate people, great food and wine, open spaces, and superb climate Argentina is worth spending a bit of time getting to know for both business and pleasure.


If you are keen to find out more about TangoKiwi and what Argentina can do for you or would just like to ask a question about Argentina please do not hesitate to get in touch.  All enquiries will be treated with complete confidentiality.

Hasta Pronto.

Rob Mumford

Buenos Aires
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